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The Weinberg Nature Center Team


Sam Weinstock

FT Director and Village Naturalist Educator, Forest Preschool Teacher

Expertise and Experiences in Community Development, Early Childhood & K - 12 Environmental Education, Animal Behavior and Sciences,  Therapeutic Recreation, Native/Exotic Animal Care.


Maura Mandrano,

PT Wildlife Rehabilitator, Naturalist Educator 

Expertise and Experiences in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Native/Exotic Animal Care, Volunteer Training, Early Childhood and K-12 environmental education.


Kate Murphy

PT Naturalist Educator

Expertise and Experiences in Early Childhood & K-12 Environmental Education, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Native/Exotic Animal Care, Botanical Teaching, Nature Photography.

    Suzie Calo
      PT Forest Preschool Teacher/    
      Naturalist Educator

    Expertise and experiences in Early Childhood Education,
              Photograph and Arts.  

Maggie Worden
PT Animal Care/Naturalist

Expertise and experiences in Environmental Education, Native/ Exotic Animal Care.

Alexandia Harr, PT Forest Pre-School Teacher 
Expertise and experiences in Early Childhood Education and STEAM-Teaching and Instruction.


Jared Ganeles, PT Forest Preschool Teacher/Naturalist
Expertise and experiences at Nature Centers, ornithology and animal behavior.

Katie Tolson, Master Gardener, Weinberg Nature Center
Expertise and experiences in horticulture and community development

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