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The Weinberg Nature Center Team


Sam Weinstock

FT Director and Village Naturalist Educator, Forest Preschool Teacher

Expertise and Experiences in Community Development, Early Childhood & K - 12 Environmental Education, Animal Behavior and Sciences,  Therapeutic Recreation, Native/Exotic Animal Care.


Maura Mandrano,

PT Wildlife Rehabilitator, Naturalist Educator 

Expertise and Experiences in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Native/Exotic Animal Care, Volunteer Training, Early Childhood and K-12 environmental education.


John Albert

PT Naturalist Educator

Expertise and Experiences in Early Childhood & K-12 Environmental Education, Outdoor Recreation and Animal Behavior

      Taylor Black     Expertise and experiences in Early Childhood Education, Art and Drama, Literacy and Sign Language, Recreation and Yoga 


Lori Federico
Expertise and experiences in Environmental Education, Animal Behavior, Art Education and Robotics.

Alexandia Harr, PT Forest Pre-School/ Afterschool Teacher, 
Expertise and experiences in Early Childhood Education and STEAM-Teaching and Instruction.


Gary Colonna, PT Animal Care, General Maintenance.

Katie Tolson, Master Gardener, Weinberg Nature Center
Expertise and experiences in horticulture and community development.

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